10+ Home Decor Ideas for Wedding-Intimate Ceremonies


Home Decor Ideas for Wedding

Now, we are in an Unlock phase, and we always see lots of couples plan the micro wedding with keeping everyone's safety and health on priority. Venues are even slowly rolling if you have already planned to host the intimate wedding at home.


We are sure you are in a dilemma in "ways to decorate it." There are numerous ideas of home décor for the wedding, which will also help make the best day of your life. As wedding days come nearer, the house becomes a menace in every ritual and function. 


Even planning a lavish wedding in a grand place, we always have some rituals of pre-wedding in our house. But it doesn't stop everyone from splurging money, but even it makes an intimate affair.


The traditions such as Haldi, Mehendi, kirtan, and pooja are fun and become more joyful when celebrated with loved ones at your home. For making the house look like a wedding house. Here are some of the decor for a wedding at home


1. Highlight the entrance with lamps and floral décor 

home décor for weddings

Pic: Design Aqua

The flowers are considered the most encouraging home décor for weddings, we have thought to decorate the whole entry area with the toran and fresh flowers. You can also keep décor very simple and minimalistic.


Make the entry unit the focal point. Place the idol Ganesha on the foyer unit to symbolize prosperity and happiness. We will have to keep some Kalash décor and the floral motif on the wall and the floral rangoli on the floor to the amp on space's factor.


The Foyer unit with the seating arrangement, pegboard, and shoe cabinet with the hangers will help keep the shoes, bags, and other crucial things of guests in the proper manner.


Entry door decoration is very functional, intricate, takes the guest's attention, and works well for the apartments. 


2. Host a gorgeous dinner for the family and friends in your backyard

Wedding DecorPic:Design Cafe 

If you get lucky for having a small patio or backyard at home, they make utmost use of it for making the home wedding look grand.


You can also layout wooden benches and tables to enjoy a sumptuous feast with the guests. In addition, you can spread out some artificial carpet of grass on the floor and a few wooden decorous table lamps and hanging lanterns for lending a warm ambiance to a space.


People can even opt for the modular bar and some chairs, some celebrating the most crucial day of their life with a few glasses of wine. This is one of the Luxury home décors. 


3. Transform the living room into a stylish venue for a cocktail and reception party

 Cocktail Party Decor

Are you thinking of throwing a fancy reception party for your friends? Here are some exquisite home decor for wedding reception ideas.


They are perfect and chic for young couples who adore minimalistic but elegant designs. You can even opt for the simple backdrop along with the silk curtains. Decorate with the fairy light and lamps.


You can place two lights on each side and decorate them with gifts, bouquets, and flowers you will receive from the guests. You can even add some bar with the brewers and glass shutters for showcasing the wine collection.


You can even arrange the reception stage near the large window and some sheer curtains to bring the natural lights. Design is quite minimalistic, simple, and works well if you wish to décor your first anniversary or wedding party at your home.


4. Eco-friendly décor ideas for celebrating the pre-wedding functions

Eco friendly Decor 

If you are searching for eco-friendly home decor for weddings for the pre-wedding functions at home, you are in the right place.


You can search for the green backdrop made up of fresh leaves. You can also make this on your own at home and also get it easily made by the local florist. The backdrop is even environmentally and trendy sustainable also.


You can also use the marigolds and even hang the bananas for decorating the Haldi backdrop. It is one of the innovative ways to add a fresh vibe to the place, and it will help you catch the attention of the guests.


You can use low lying to the pre-wedding décor and lend the lush vibe. You can also choose to go with organic flowers and Haldi for justifying the eco-friendly theme. This is one of the best decors for a wedding at home


5. Make the home wedding a famous one with a fantastic stylish corner on the balcony.

 Wedding Balcony decor

Pic: Bridal Flower and Fun

Create a cozy and cute selfie corner on the balcony and make the wedding photos and videos viral on your social media.


Using the rattan backdrop on the accent wall, illuminate the entire space with the fairy lights and place the turf carpet on the floor. You can decorate it with a selfie corner with a white canopy, floor pillows and cushions, and a futon.


You can even add the rattan sofa for additional arrangements of seating which will go well with the whole décor. It has even added the intricate floral lampshades, floor lamps, potted plants, and wall hangings to elevate the space's aesthetics by the several notches.


The home bar in the wooden laminates will seamlessly match subtle décor by providing great space for showcasing the wine bottles. 


6. Make a classy décor for home reception and anniversary parties.


Beach Wedding Decor

Do you wish to lend an elegant look to the home decor for a wedding reception? The wedding reception idea will be sweeping off the feet.


Subtle purple will create striking contrasts with the yellow wallpaper for adding classiness to the wedding décor. Classic sofa with the golden candles and huge vade with the golden accents adds some luxurious aura for the home reception décor.


Finally, add the mirrors and carpet with the golden frames for stitching the look altogether. Mirrors will help you reflect lights, and they will accentuate a glimpse of light purple drop. 


7. The chic wedding décor idea in the balcony area.

 Wedding Selfie Decor

Suppose you look like the uber-cool and modern couple who will want to avoid the colossal show and pomp or wish to choose the low registry wedding. Keep it close-knit and fuss décor, and it will be the best choice.


First, make the balcony design beautiful and functional by adding the small modular sofa, elements and cushions, the side bench with the balcony unit, and hidden storage and open storage to showcase the décor elements.


Next, you must add the proper backdrop with the sheer curtains, floral borders, and fairy strings of light for lending the subtle vibes. Finally, with the splash of lush green, you can use hanging planters and the artificial carpet of grass. You can even add the rattan table for the registry ceremony. 


8. Infuse the nature splash into home décor with the swing


Nature Wedding DecorThis idea is one of the clutter-free, simple, and also works well for such wedding-related functions at home. Be it roka, engagement, Mehendi and Haldi, or even wedding anniversary.


Swings add great fun, and a quirky element to a décor will lend a subtle vibe. You can even use the natural elements of décor to lend a vibe to the home.


Add jasmine garlands, turfgrass accessories with fresh flowers, doses and orchids, and four banana plants at four stage corners. Add some light peach color carpet for cutting monotony of the green and lending a comforting vibe to the entire space. 


9. Small mandap for making the phrase memorable


Mandap Wedding DecorIf you plan for a small phera in the living room, it is the perfect setup. You can also use floral wallpaper on the accent wall.


The minimalistic backdrop with the fresh leaves, flowers, curtains, and wreaths are enough to amp up the stage. You can even place the havan kind and poufs where the groom and bride follow all rituals.


You can also add potted plants and low-lying benches for relatives and friends. For adding the beauty of décor, you can also opt for the white floral and yellow wallpaper with fairy lights.


The yellow will create a striking contrast with the green backdrop and make the mandap look vibrant. This is the perfect option for you if you search for authentic wedding decorations at home. It is ideal for performing rituals in the purest form.


10. Accessories and Accents


You can also highlight your space with accessories and accents for creating visual appeal. You can even hang bright color accents such as buntings, pom, or pinwheels.


It will also help you add a real pop of colors to your home. If you wish to have a soft look, you can choose pastel shades. The light shades such as beige, blue, aqua, and lavender are the best sightings at the Indian wedding, whether in the form of the wedding theme or bridal lehenga.


The fun accents are also available online or on the market. You can also add some Showpieces for home décor


Alternatively, for traditional appeal, you can go with items such as temple bells and bridal kalire. They can make it a stunning Mandap ceiling. If you go for a traditional theme, you might choose to decorate your whole place with simple bells. 


11. Make rangoli


Wedding Rangoli Decor

When this comes to the home decor for wedding for Indian weddings, you can't underestimate the impact of good rangoli.


To give a dramatic look at the entrance, you can make colorful rangoli using colored rice and sand. You can even create some appealing images on the floor by using chalk and, lastly, fill them with the different types of flower petals.


For adding good appeal, place diya in the center of rangoli and then surround with the light candles. 


12. Table centerpieces


The table centerpieces also have the power to add some unique touch to home décor. For keeping the project budget-friendly, you can go for the options such as floral or candle experience.


Aroma candles in multiple sizes are the simple way for creating a stunning centerpiece. The bowl filled with floating candles and water will be a great option.


Of course, the large Mason and ceramic jar with the fresh flower will never get undervalued. Why forget the childhood favorite pinwheels in the pot and then decorate the whole pot by covering it with colorful ribbons and ropes?


It will even make it a quirky centerpiece at the Mehendi ceremony.This is one of the best decor for a wedding at home. 


13. Wishing tree

Often to be bride and the family members end up thumbing through pages of an old album by going through old memories.


You can let this goodwill and nostalgia spirit at your home with a simple deck-up of images and the empty notes at the corner.


You can also let the guests, relatives, and your loved ones leave messages on "Wishing Tree." You can put, your wishes in the scrapbook later. 


14. Wedding signs


Wedding Signs Decor

Who tells that the Indian wedding sings limited for signage on the road by giving the direction to location.


You can trust that there is way more than this with signs. When it comes to home decoration, you can add great innovation to your home.


Decorative to-be bride signboard points to the bride room are a cute way to add to the big day. Similarly, if you set up an open bar, you will place the signboard saying" Grab the drinks" or something catchy. 


15. Colorful drapes


Colorful Drapes Decor in Wedding

Pic: Decor Sutra

The fabric drapes have also become the conventional decoration ideas in home Indian weddings.


They can even span over the roof to the gate. If you possess double or single stairs in the house, you might adorn railings of stairs with rich drapes in elegant colors.


You also check it out with the decorator to determine what type of drapes look great with the home interiors. 


Wrapping up

We hope that these home decors for wedding ideas can inspire you for hosting the pre-wedding and wedding party or ceremonies in your home.


We have shared 15 ideas that will help you make your wedding party rocking. You can choose any ideas to decorate your home according to your budget and space.


You should make utmost from these decoration ideas at home and keep your friends and family happy and safe.